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[Video] Why L&D Should Laser Focus on Continuous Improvement

May 25, 2022
May 25, 2022 8:00 AM

In an article he wrote for Forbes last week, Performitiv's CEO Kent Barnett talked about how (in the midst of The Great Resignation and The Great Reshuffling) L&D leaders have expanded their capabilities exponentially to serve learners, but they continue to really struggle to demonstrate and drive the value, impact and ROI of their programs.

According to Barnett, "a solution to this problem is continuous improvement, and its impact can be massive. McKinsey, for example, reports having clients that see operating performance improve as much as 80% and productivity improve as much as 20% in as little as two months due to continuous improvement efforts."

This also happens to be the focus of Lesson #3 from Performitiv's Next Gen Learning Leaders video series. In the short video above, Barnett explains how implementing a proven, automated continuous improvement methodology for L&D can drive massive improvements in the business and talent results that matter.

Watch the video to hear a story of one of Performitiv's clients, a large global manufacturer who went from being a good L&D organization to a great one by focusing on daily improvement and business metrics, improving the job impact of their programs by over 200%.

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To watch the full 8 minute of the Learning Leaders video above, click here.