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Performitiv has a team of experts with great knowledge and experience in measuring impact and improving performance for Talent Development. From coaching and certification to custom dashboards and operational reporting, the Performitiv team provides the level of expertise and partnership you need to succeed.

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Custom Management Dashboard Development

Performitiv’s expert measurement team will create custom tailored dashboards aligned to your business’s unique reporting needs, incorporating data from multiple platforms alongside reporting data from the Performitiv system.

Custom dashboards are included in most Performitiv solution packages.

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Learning Analytics Coaching

Work with one of our expert consultants in a way that works for you, based on your needs.

The Performitiv team can provide you with 1:1 or group coaching in areas such as: Strategy, Analysis, Document or Process Review, Collateral Development, and Education.

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Operational Reporting

Don’t have time to dive deep into your data? Let us do it for you. Performitiv operational reporting provides an analysis of your data, typically semi-annually or annually, that leverages visualization techniques to show you new insights, answer questions you have about your function or a program, and provide recommendations based on our experiences.

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Talent Management Reporting Professional (TMRP) Certification

New to the industry? Trying to figure out how to improve your measurement game? Join us for a two-day certification program that covers all the basics on the Net Impact System and beyond. 

Learn approaches and tools to help you identify the right metrics, put the right measurement in place, and optimize reporting for your stakeholders!

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    “As a metrics and results-driven organization, the ability to measure the performance and impact of our strategic talent investments is critical. Our course attendees find the survey tool very user-friendly, and our talent development team appreciates the way Performitiv summarizes survey feedback.”
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