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Performitiv empowers Fortune 500 companies and world-class learning organizations to use data to more effectively develop leaders, increase sales, improve onboarding, and drive higher performing workforces.

Our story

The world of L&D is in the midst of historic change. 3 out of every 4 learning executives have changed some or all of their programs in the last 2 years to adjust to our present realities, as well as ever-changing employee and customer needs and expectations.
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While learning has undergone a massive transformation, the field of learning analytics has failed to evolve & adapt.

Today’s learning climate requires evolved learning measurement, and the ability to quickly and flexibly respond in order to survive and thrive, and today’s tools and methodologies aren’t always able to meet these rapidly changing needs.  

Learning organizations need the insights to understand how investments in learning impact the business, and how to optimize for that.  

This is where Performitiv comes in. 

We were formed by a seasoned group of L&D pioneers hell-bent on pushing the industry forward. 
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We have designed a simple, flexible, learning analytics platform, along with the expertise and best practice models that allows our clients to:

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    Start measuring true learning impact, using industry-leading frameworks
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    Flexibly customize the data you share, so it’s relevant to your team
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    Easily integrate with all your critical systems
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    Start identifying areas of improvement and acting on them now
If you’re interested in increasing your agility, improving your business stakeholder partnerships, and building a world-class, data-driven L&D organization focused on performance, let’s get started now.

Contact us to speak with a Performitiv team member and see a customized demo.
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Our Leadership Team

Kent Barnett
Chief Executive Officer
Jeffrey Berk
Chief Operating Officer
Jeb Metric
Chief Technology Officer
Amy Rath
Senior Director of Client Success
Zach Barnett
Director of Customer Relationship Management, Sales & Marketing Operations
Chris LeBrun
Director of Professional Services
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We’re looking for talented people

At Performitiv you’ll work with the world’s best L&D innovators as we push the market to evolve and make progress every day to improve the working lives of our clients and their teams.

We are a smart, lean, kind, globally dispersed team that’s 100% dedicated to collaborating creatively with our clients and driving impact in learning through ways the world has never seen.

We’re always looking for innovators, entrepreneurs and learning leaders to help us change the face of L&D as we know it. Interested in joining us? Contact us here.
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