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Simple, validated evaluations.
Powerful analytics.
Insights with impact.

Performitiv technology is simple to use and easy to deploy, helping you gather insights directly from learners, providing deep, actionable insights and areas of improvement.

Easily connect to your tech ecosystem and measure real business impact with the world's most advanced learning analytics capabilities.

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Responsive Mobile Learning Evaluation Technology

Empower all your team members to provide feedback on their training experience.

Provide them with the industry’s easiest to use and most powerful mobile learning evaluation surveys.
Performitiv product screen
Performitiv product screen

Executive Reporting

Leading learning executives trust Performitiv to help them not just collect the data, but to communicate impact of their solutions and help them tell a story.

World-class executive reporting from Performitiv, both within the platform and through custom dashboards, is a powerful vehicle used to drive continuous improvement and tell that story of impact.

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    Performance Data (ex. productivity, sales, customer satisfaction)
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    Efficiency Data (ex. participants, costs, hours)
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    Effectiveness and Impact Data (ex. delivery, content, outcome indicators, NPS)

AI-Enabled Insights

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are built into the Performitiv platform, providing intelligent notifications, recommendations, and suggestions based on how your data compares to best practice benchmarks.

Increase your speed to insight and action with proprietary algorithms trained to provide quick, actionable feedback you can use to drive immediate improvement.

Performitiv product screen
Performitiv product screen

Deep Global Benchmarking

With Performitiv benchmarks, you can easily see how you compare to the biggest and best learning organizations in the world, and other companies that are just starting their learning measurement journey.

Gain a deeper understanding of how your programs and investments are performing around industry standard metrics aligned to world-class learning models.

Measure and compare performance around:

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    Outcome Indicators
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Custom Management

Tailored management dashboards, designed to integrate your critical data for continuous improvement and tell the story of impact, are included as part of all solution packages.

Leverage our expertise and experience as we guide you through the process, all the while creating a visually dynamic, effective, and actionable dashboard that you can use and share.

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Easy Integrations & Connections

Performitiv also provides flexible technology solutions that evolve with your back office roadmap and don't require extensive IT resources.

Our three primary integrations and connectivity are:

No IT required with data passed to Performitiv from various systems including LMSs, LXPs and other learning systems.


Performitiv links to the LMS via API or other connectors for a more interactive solution.


Performitiv links to a variety of learning systems to aggregate and normalize data across the enterprise.

“Our goal was to create a culture of performance improvement – where it’s all about taking action on the data. With Performitiv, we don’t need to look past the first page to know what to run, the answers are there!”
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