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White Paper: Optimizing Talent - Introducing the Net Impact System


HR and Talent executives want to provide more quantifiable evidence of impact and value creation. Business executives and board members want to access better talent information to maximize shareholder value. Fortunately, a new industry standard called the Net Impact System provides a blueprint for how HR and business leaders can begin to use data in more valuable ways.

It has been developed by leading organizations and industry experts, including Deloitte, KPMG, PwC, the Department of Defense, JetBlue, Cigna, Performitiv, i4cp, and the ROI Institute. Net Impact System is based on Dr. Gary Becker’s Nobel Prize winning research
on Human Capital. It is scientifically sound, yet practical. It leverages the simplicity of the Net Promoter System and the fundamentals of Six Sigma and Lean. It is specifically designed to optimize the Talent Development Process.

Find out more. Read the white paper.