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eBook: Net Impact System

June 2, 2022
Jun 2, 2022 4:12 PM

The Net Impact System (NIS) is a continuous improvement approach specific to Learning and Talent Development, that better measures and analyzes the impact of talent investments.

Developed by leading organizations and industry experts, and based on Dr. Gary Becker's Nobel Prize-winning research on Human Capital, the Net Impact System leverages the simplicity of the Net Promoter System (NPS) and the fundamentals of Six Sigma and Lean to optimize the Talent Development process.

Leading companies around the globe are using the Net Impact method to:

  • Reduce waste or "scrap learning" and increase performance
  • Predict program impact
  • Measure performance against key financial and business objectives using hard data
  • Provide a common way to score and benchmark across the entire Talent Development process
  • Provide world-class executive reporting to business leaders

If Learning and Talent Development are part of your competitive strategy, download this eBook and learn how to get started with NIS to gain a competitive edge through continuous improvement.