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eBook: The Ultimate Guide to Measuring & Improving Leadership Development Programs

April 20, 2022
Apr 20, 2022 8:00 PM

According to the 2021 DDI Global Leadership Forecast, 55% of CEOs view developing the next generation of leaders as their #1 challenge. However, there appears to be a gap between the desire to build future-ready leaders and the ability to drive the change they expect to see through Leadership Development programs.

These programs are some of the most strategic, visible and costly investments an organization can make, with a tremendous impact on the future success of the business. So why wouldn't organizations make strategic measurement and optimization a priority?

Download this eBook and walk away with:

  • A scientifically valid approach to measure and improve leadership development programs.
  • A leading learning measurement model, known as the Net Impact System, and how it can be applied to drive continuous improvement.
  • A framework to help understand leadership competencies.
  • How to use analytics and data-driven decision-making to drive impact on the leadership outcomes that matter to your organization.