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Transition Doesn't have to be a Challenge

March 17, 2019
Mar 17, 2019 7:00 PM

Performitiv sometimes hears that transition from a prior system or process to a new one can be a challenge.  However, when you transition to Performitiv's modern learning measurement system it is actually a smooth and managed process.  For example, just last week JetBlue's  Lauren Kramer, Manager, Assessment, Measurement, & Evaluation said, "JetBlue’s learning programs are strategic to the organization and we required a technology that could help us unlock creative insights from our data to help us optimize impact while easily managing the change from our previous platform with no disruption.”  

In addition to Performitiv saving its clients significant dollars when they switch to our platform, our team makes it super easy for our clients to change with little disruption to  the L&D team and to its clients.  Here are ten ways we help our clients quickly get up and running with Performitiv and successfully manage the change process in doing so.

1.Understand the current landscape. Our team works with each transitioning client to understand their priorities and what is a sense of urgency to them.  For example, one transitioning client had critical learning programs that needed to be evaluated right away. The Performitiv team managed that process directly and ensured those key programs did not miss a measurement opportunity.

2.Review functional requirements.  The Performitiv team has over 100 years of learning measurement experience.  We know the right questions to ask and we quickly ascertain the requirements.  We map those requirements to the Performitiv solution so the solution properly fits the needs right away.

3.Review technical requirements.  Performitiv uses modern software security, integration and data protection and privacy protocols.  We bring these to bear when discussing a clients technical requirements and often deliver not only minimum requirements but exceed those as well.  

4.Understand the implementation process.  The Performitiv team has a readily available plug n play, implementation process.  We guide our clients through this so it is smooth and not disruptive to the client L&D operation.  However, Performitiv's process is super flexible.  If a client needs to start at a different point we can do it.  We can move as fast or as slow as the client would like us to do this making this a stress-free experience.

5.Advise on the integration process.  Because Performitiv is a modern technology it uses the latest API connectors.  This means our clients don't need to divert their own IT resources to integrate with Performitiv.  Our system simply connects to the API library of your LMS.  If, however, there is not an API library, we support other options easily as well include XML uploads and flat file integrations.  

6.Provide meaningful training and support.  The Performitiv team takes price in ensuring each L&D operation that onboards the Performitiv solution does so in a way that provides their people confidence and comfort in using the system.  While the system is intuitive, the team customized training based on the clients implementation and ensures system users understand how to get the most value out of the system.  The team then easily transitions to its support process available through multiple paths (phone, email, in-person) and is there to guide and advise anytime.

7.Socialize the new tools and processes before, during and after the transition.  Performitiv is a true partner in working collaboratively with the client to ensure that those within and outside of the L&D function understand the benefits of the transition and feel confident and comfortable in the change.  Our team has creative messaging and available experts to make this important step informative and easy.

8.Lead a flexible, simple, deployment.  The Performitiv team oversees a series of steps to easily enable the platform using a crawl, walk, run philosophy.  Our approach is collaborative and communicative in ensuring a new client is fully briefed on what we need from them to get them going with little stress and disruption to their team or operation.

9.We are change management empathizers.  Our team is very aware of change, big or small. That is why we are flexible in the style and pace in which we help clients join our community of users.  We guide, we advise and we lead.  But we always keep a pulse on our clients and how they are doing.  The process itself is pretty simple but we don't take that for granted as we want everyone to feel confident and comfortable.  Our team has many strategies and tactics to partner with our clients on any change management concerns.

10. Ensure a smooth transition.  This is really the result of all of the above but it is also in our overall approach.  If your team wants to deploy by group,  by program or by region, we can do it.  If there is strategic and visible learning experience happening soon, we'll ensure you can measure it.  If you need help communicating the change, we've got strategies and tactics.  

Lauren from JetBlue described her teams experience in transitioning to Performitiv as being easy and non-disruptive.  This is the experience Performitiv clients have when they migrate to Performitiv.  They not only save material costs and have a modern technology using API and AI but the change itself is easy and not a disruption to their business.  

Let us know if you want to chat about transitioning from your current learning measurement process or tool to Performitiv.  We'd appreciate the opportunity to be of service to you. You can be assured your transition will receive our closest attention.

Thank you,

The Performitiv Team