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The Pocket Learning Measurement Strategy

December 27, 2020
Dec 27, 2020 6:00 PM

Performitiv worked with world class learning experts and practitioners to create the Net Impact System.  The model is a toolset to measure all aspects of a learning experience regardless of modality.  The model has many tools, including the Impact Process Map.  The Map is a concise, articulate and highly effective learning measurement strategy.    

The Map has become a single page, pocket learning measurement strategy.  Gone are the days where one needed volumes of pages to convey their measurement approach.  A modern measurement strategy is a precise visualization to implement a measurement plan for any program, real-time.

The Map is built on classic, effective learning measurement models while modernizing them for today and the future.  It has elements like Fit, designed to measure micro-learning application and elements like talent outcomes designed to expand on traditional Level 2 evaluation.

We invite you to study the Map further and envision how your team might utilize it to build practical, yet credible learning measurement plans.  Additionally, consider joining us on March 3 for a free webinar about the Learning Optimization Model.  And finally, to quickly gauge how your current learning measurement approach aligns to the Impact Process Map, please take this quick Diagnostic to reveal your score for each level of the Map.

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