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Practical, Scalable, Repeatable

December 15, 2019
Dec 15, 2019 6:00 PM

Practical, Scalable, Repeatable

Practical, Scalable, Repeatable - - these words echo what most L&D functions want from learning measurement.  In essence, they desire a simple, yet effective process to reasonably measure learning impact.  While it is important to measure strategic, visible and costly programs, doing so in an episodic and resource intensive manner is not practical nor scalable or repeatable.  

To make measurement an efficient and effective process, it must optimize around the following strategies:

1.Use evaluations that can be standardized for generic items (instructor, environment, content) but customized for impact (ex. employee engagement for a leadership program).

2. Make it easy to gather key operational metrics when and where applicable to trend before, during and after key programs to show correlation to the program itself (ex. turnover amongst managers attending vs. not attending leadership programs)

3. Use annotation to connect the L&D contribution to the evaluation evidence and the operational trends (ex. the leadership program connected participants with managers above them as coaches, thus increasing their engagement and likely reducing their turnover)

4. Make reporting simple.  Identify the key audiences that need L&D metrics and provide simple, pre-generated reports so they can glance at them, understand them and act on the data.

5. Leverage technology to automate the administration as much as possible.  Evaluation distribution can be integrated with an LMS or a micro learning platform and report compilation can be a small set of structured reports.

In the end, learning measurement needs to be a practical,scalable and repeatable process.  This isvital to building and maintaining a learning culture that is data-driven.  Performitiv technology is designed to be yourpractical, scalable, and repeatable partner so that learning measurement is a simple,highly cost effective process. 

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The Performitiv Team