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Performitiv Summer 2021 Release

July 21, 2021
Jul 21, 2021 7:00 PM

We at Performitiv are excited to announce what's coming up in our Summer Release!  Performitiv thinks about product innovations and enhancements in four specific areas:

Performitiv Connect.  This is about data in or data out.  API connections, tools, and performance enhancements that help you better connect Performitiv with other systems or platforms.

Continuous Improvement.  Reports, tools, dashboards, or resources more focused on continuous improvement - identifying successes, areas of opportunities, or root causes.

Demonstrating Value.  Reports, tools, dashboards, or resources more focused on demonstrating value of learning solutions with respect to impact or outcomes.

Productivity.  Functionality aligned to ease of use within Performitiv.  This is functionality or performance tools that helps you do things more quickly or efficiently.

Below are what's coming up in the Summer release, as well as some additional enhancements since our last release.

Performitiv Connect - Data In.  New connectors are available as they are implemented with clients.  There are now a number of ways to get your data into Performitiv: CSV Class Upload, CSV Data Upload (survey data from other platforms), File-Based Integrations (XML or CSV), Public API, API Connectors to Cornerstone, Saba, Litmos, Bridge, LinkedIn Learning, Degreed, Percipio.

Performitiv Connect - Data Out.  Within the tool there are options to download the data to a CSV file (by survey or answer) or JSON (file type that can be imported directly into tools like Tableau).  Performitiv also supports an API to support automated downloads.

Continuous Improvement.  New for this release is our Exception Report & Insights.  These exception tools are a way to quickly highlight successes or opportunities based on a variance from the average.  It includes exceptions based on course tags such as instructor, course name, location, as well as learner demographic tags such as business unit, region, or role.

Demonstrating Value. Our Impact Reporting got a big makeover based on feedback from our clients.  There is now introductory text to help explain the methodology and calculations, the report and statement views are now restructured for a more friendly experience, and there is still the ability to drill into each category to see trends, as well as comments.

Productivity. There are a couple big additions to the tool that will help save time for data collection and reporting.  First, we're adding in a learner portal where they can access assessments for recent classes associated to the associated tag.  Links can be used at a number of levels - by Course, Relationship, Instructor, Modality, etc.  For example, an Instructor link will include any classes based on the default date range, which you can update, where that instructor was associated.  Below is an example of what the portal experience might look like.  Learners also have the ability to do a text search to filter the results, depending on how many assessments are available.  In addition, Performitiv generates a unique QR code for each portal link, which can be inserted into training materials or shared as part of the learning experience.

The second item will enable easier reporting for all users across the organization.  Users now have the ability to save and share filters!  Just set your filters how you want them and then save!  You have the ability to share your filters across users if it's something common.  You can easily edit and manage filters in the same place they are created, making it a seamless experience.

We hope you're as excited about this release as we are.  Don't hesitate to reach out to your account team if you have specific questions.  If you're not currently a Performitiv customer but are interested in learning more, please reach out and we'd be happy to speak with you further.

Happy Summer!
The Performitiv Team