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Learning Measurement Technology Can Help

August 30, 2020
Aug 30, 2020 7:00 PM

Technology can help with learning measurement.  It can do so in several ways.  First, it can automate data collection.  This is not about a generic survey link. It is about specific evaluations tagged to specific learner demographics like tenure and specific learning attributes like course.  Therefore when a learner clicks an evaluation it is intelligent and will automatically organize the data to filter and aggregate by demographics and learning attributes.  Technology can also integrate with an LMS and automatically collect, tag and trend business key performance indicators.  

Next, technology can help in reporting.  A one-size-fits-all report is not the answer when there are three unique audiences that need to access learning data.  One audience is the tactical user like a designer or facilitator.  They need details, real-time.  Here is an example of what they need:  This is a summary report that is great for tactical use showing details on questions, categories, comments and demographics.

Another audience that needs learning measurement are program and operations managers.  They need to cross-tab data, filter it, aggregate it, and compare it.  Here is an example of what they need:  This is a comparison report, the example is by program, but it can do comparisons by various learning attributes (instructor, instructor, modality etc) and any demographic (years of service, job function etc).  It can also allow for simple drill down on any row of data for deeper insight and action.

The final audience is the executive.  They need summary data.  This needs to have goal comparisons, contain data from many sources (evaluations, tests, assessments, business data) and they should trend it and annotate/narrate to tell the story of learning's contribution to the results.  Here is an example of what they need:  This is a scorecard, we can configure as many of these as you need based on your requirements so you can have different views for different stakeholders.  If you look at the metrics you click into them and see trends of the data against goal.  Information on this report is not only survey data but operational data too.  

Technology can and should benchmark your data against others so you know where you stand relative to a point of reference.  The technology should be simple to use, be modern and flexible, work for virtual learning, informal learning and traditional learning and be cost effective.  

Performitiv is the fastest growing learning measurement technology for a reason.  It is modern, agile, works for any and all learning and is half the cost of competing tools.  Visit Performitiv to learn more.

Thank you,

The Performitiv Team