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Learning Measurement, It's Top of Mind

October 31, 2018
Oct 31, 2018 7:00 PM

Did you know that when IQPC polled its CLO community for 2018 priorities two of the top five on the list were learning measurement and analytics?  Did you also know that according to research from McKinsey, effective learning transfer can boost performance results by as much as 88%?  Did you also know that i4CP research indicates that top companies are 6x more likely to measure effectiveness of learning on business results?Why do we ask all of these questions? Because measuring learning and related performance is on the top of the minds of learning leaders and their stakeholders.  So, here is another question, why haven't most organizations with meaningful learning budgets implemented a repeatable measurement solution to optimize their L&D programs?  The reasons are many and they include the following:

  1. Developing workforce talent is not a priority.
  2. Tools and budget are lacking.
  3. Analysis appears to complex and cumbersome.
  4. There is complacency to do nothing or the bare minimum.
  5. Measuring learner satisfaction is good enough.
  6. There is a lack of awareness that better ways to do this actually exist.

At Performitiv we are the modern, contemporary alternative L&D leaders are turning to for fresh ideas to measure learning effectiveness and impact on results.  That's because Performitiv is the only solution that offer these critical seven elements below that make it positioned to help L&D do this:

  1. Report scientifically sound impact measures.
  2. Use a proven continuous improvement methodology.
  3. Built a pulse-based evaluation process with simplified administration.
  4. Focus on linking learning impact to business outcomes.
  5. Producing impact data on all learning modalities, including micro learning.
  6. Generate AI-based prescriptive measures.
  7. Act on the data with workflow automation tools.

Performitiv is different because we help you focus on understanding that as an L&D operation you control certain data and because of that you can generate both predictive and prescriptive impact measures.  However, we also help you identify the indirect data L&D does not control but its programs should influence and we can trend and correlate this data alongside the direct data to paint a picture of impact.In the end, Performitiv is not just about collecting and reporting data.  We focus on streamlining these tasks through modern technologies such as API connections to your feeder systems.  The result is reporting that is focused and empowers the users to make learning better and to have collaborative conversations about what worked and what did not.  The analysis is in the reports so action can be easily taken in accountable and visible ways to continuously improve learning programs, people impacted by the programs and results that should be aligned to those programs.  Best of all, a modern learning technology like Performitiv is a fraction of the L&D budget so it is cost effective for any organization to rely on for top of mind learning measurement solutions.Want to learn more?  Contact us at Performitiv Team