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Learning Measurement in a Time of Social Distancing and Tighter Budgets

March 15, 2020
Mar 15, 2020 7:00 PM

The world is undergoing massive disruption as a result of Coronavirus/ Covid-19.  One of the major changes is social distancing.  This prevents people from working and learning alongside each other in a physical realm.     Another fallout of this pandemic is economic uncertainty as organizations' budgets and forecasts are challenged given these unaccounted for circumstances.

First, it is important for everyone reading this message to stay safe and be kind to each other.  Listen to experts for your safety and the safety of those around you.  At the same time, be human and help others if you have the ability to do so.  

As a learning measurement organization, we want to emphasize the role that measurement plays for distance learning.  As virtual tools and learning experiences are rapidly being delivered and consumed, they should be measured.  It doesn't have to be complex or cumbersome, even a simple evaluation to understand what is working and not working is helpful in managing quality and effectiveness.  

Strong measurement tools will tag the data by the modality and quickly cross tab it by evaluation dimensions for comparative analysis.  For example, if you launched a virtual learning series and simultaneously  increased your on-demand content libraries, you would want to measure this.  Ideally, you would use API connections to understand who is receiving what and when so that an intelligent evaluation may be delivered to them within the content or via a consolidated email in a timely manner.  

Let's say you added new on-demand content for your sales professionals last week.  Let's say Mary from the East region accessed 8 videos of 3rd party content on Friday.  Through modern API integrations, Mary would receive a single message that knows the 8 pieces of content Mary accessed and asking her to provide feedback on one question related to the content applicability in her moment of need.  

What if we rapidly migrated ILT to V-ILT last week.  Say there were 15 people in the virtual class.  A good measurement platform would produce a simple, yet sound, evaluation to gather feedback on the quality, application and impact of the learning in this environment.  It would already know the course, program and curricula and it would account for the facilitators and demographics of each learner so when data is gathered it can be reported by these tags.

Deploying systems such as the above does not take multiples of months but is based on API connections or even quick links with self-administered data tags to measure what is happening in these rapidly changing delivery environments.  This data can be reported by course, facilitator, program, modality and participant demographic like tenure or function.  It can help identify what is working and what needs more refinement quickly and in simple terms that don't require advanced statistics to decipher.

Next is economic uncertainty. Measurement as described above is not costly. Modern tools using current APIs and updated technology stacks deliver world-class learning measurement at a fraction of the cost of other tools in the market. Performitiv delivers what was described above at half the cost of competing systems. Other organizations have curtailed their internal processes and saved thousands of dollars.

Recently Performitiv has seen a higher than normal volume of inquiries on the aforementioned topics.  This is to say that L&D functions want to quickly and comprehensively measure modalities like virtual learning, e-learning and micro learning.  Further, due to the economic uncertainty, they need to begin cutting the costs in their budget to do this.  Given what we have seen, this is very realistic to do on both fronts.  Deploying a tool to ensure integrity of learning quality and effectiveness despite the speed and circumstance around the delivery is real and can be done simply and quickly.  Doing this while saving 50% or more from what you originally budgeted, or from what you are paying now from a third party or internally, is also real and feasible.

In the end, the first priority is to stay safe and be kind.  Secondarily, we still have businesses to run and workforces in need training.   Performitiv is adjusting and accelerating its implementations to help organizations ramp up measurement quickly so the learning maintains high standards of quality and effectiveness.  At the same time, Performitiv has always been 50% cheaper than other learning measurement tools in the market and we will continue to be that way but also offer additional concessions where organizations need this consideration in these uncertain times.

The Performitiv Team