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Get That Scrap Outta Here!

September 12, 2021
Sep 12, 2021 7:00 PM

Scrap Learning is defined as training not applied to the job, or "waste." How do we measure it though as part of an evaluation strategy? Well, you can consider using a single question to gauge this, but doing so misses out on the other elements driving application and impact. We're advocating a different approach.The Net Impact System focuses on how the aspects of learning are driving impact for learners. The approach considers elements of training such as Fit, Application, Content, Delivery, Environment, Learner Demographics, and others. Rather than just looking at raw scores, we focus on whether or not these areas are driving or hindering impact. You may produce the best content for a training solution; however, if it's not delivered effectively or if there are learners who aren't a good fit - the impact of that training solution is minimized.The graphic below illustrates what this looks like in practice. You can quickly see which areas are driving impact versus those that may have some opportunities. For example, only 2/3 of learners felt like the content drove impact and that same number reported impact with respect to Knowledge Gain. Focusing on these areas will help drive impact with respect to the business and talent outcomes (Productivity, Engagement, Confidence, etc.).

Start to think about your measurement systematically and determine the ways, based on what options are available, that you can start to look at waste in this way and focusing on driving impact.