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Do you want to modernize your learning measurement process?

May 2, 2018
May 2, 2018 7:00 PM

Performitiv is Modernizing Learning MeasurementIn speaking to over 180 learning and development operations, it is clear that a shift to update and modernize learning measurement is desired. Simpler assessments, enhanced user experience, audience-focused reporting, easy to use analytic tools, integrated AI algorithms, and most importantly - acting on the data to improve performance are all part of the modernization of learning measurement.Performitv has the following resources to support your team if it is thinking of updating and refreshing its learning measurement strategy, process and tools.Educational & Networking Events uniquely targeted to you Digital Content on Learning L&D Measurement Strategy & Performitiv Platform Walk-through, will you be at ATD 2018 May 6-9 in San Diego? If so, stop by Performitiv Booth 715. We'll show you why we represent a modern and fresh approach to learning measurement technology where data is not just collected and reported but really used to make a positive impact on programs, people and results.Thank you,The Performitiv Team