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Multi-Billion-Dollar Financial Services Firm

August 24, 2019
Aug 24, 2019 7:00 PM

About the Organization:

The organization is a multi-national, multi-billion dollar organization operating in the financial services space.  They are a Fortune 500 organization with over 22-million customers and over $650 billion in assets under management.

Organization Needs:

The organization felt its prior learning evaluation software provider was complex and costly to maintain over time.  They had both technical training and general L&D using the system, but had recently migrated off of the platform and were using the LMS evaluation tool.  Unfortunately, the LMS was too basic and was resulting in high administrative effort to customize reports and analysis.

Why Performitiv:

Performitiv was selected because it was a highly cost-effective solution compared to the prior vendor, and the internal costs of customization in the current environment.  It was also a much simpler interface to administer and view reports.  The organization also valued the Performitiv teams' expertise in helping them implement the solution to best meet the measurement needs of the organization.    

Description of Use:

The organization has been using the Performitiv system for instructor led training events.  To date, the organization has collected thousands of data points that result in meaningful impact ratings.  It is a simple, concise, and automated method to gather feedback.  Systems training, procedural training, and risk management training are evaluated through Performitiv.  Performitiv's automated algorithms analyzed comments made on recent sales systems training and highlighted several negative comments.  This led to a quick identification of training that was not providing impact to a subset of the trainees, prompting changes to mitigate future negative impact and waste.  

Results: The organization has proactively used Performitiv information to take action on the data and make positive performance improvements.  Further, Performitiv shareable reports allow the organization to easily email report links to stakeholders and provide updates as new data is received, making these recipients more active users of the information and more engaged in understanding the impact learning has on their personnel.

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