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About the Organization:

The organization is a multi-national, multi-billion-dollar organization operating in the human resources software and services space.  They are a Fortune 500 organization with over50,000 worldwide employees.

Organization Needs:

The organization was looking for a change from its prior provider.  Of importance in selecting a new vendor was a reasonable cost, a thought leader as a partner, and a focus on using the results to improve performance and tell the story of impact vs. collecting and reporting data.

Why Performitiv:

Performitiv was selected because it was 50% the cost of their current learning evaluation vendor. Further, the Performitiv team has deep expertise in learning measurement and performance improvement.  Finally, the Performitiv software has out-of-the-box reporting to allow instructors, program managers, learning leaders and stakeholders to receive easy-to-understand reports without a lot of configuration or customization.  Moreover, the system is optimized to prompt action on the data to improve performance and has a simpler data collection and reporting interface.  

Description of Use:

The organization has been using the Performitiv system for instructor-led, elearning and blended learning programs.  The Performitiv system is being used to regularly evaluate new hire, customer service and product-specific curricula. The system is used to evaluate both internal employee development as well as client training. 

The organization uses the system’s artificial intelligence algorithms that appear on the home page to manage by exception and to assign follow-up actions to team members for timely improvements and changes. For example, the Performitiv algorithms highlighted a particular learning experience that was significantly lower rated than similar experiences. It was assigned to a team member who concluded that it was an international class and as a result there were some differences in delivery that resulted in the lower scores.   


The organization has been able to spend less time on system administration and finding/building reports and more focus is on using the data to improve the programs and the people impacted by them. They have been able to monitor what curricula and stakeholder groups are closer aligned on job and business impact compared to others and convey this information in a constructive way to learning leaders and stakeholder audiences.

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