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Global Producer of Hand, Power and Electronic Tools

August 29, 2019
Aug 29, 2019 7:00 PM

About the Organization:

The organization serves a range of markets, including automotive, aerospace, electronics, energy, industrial, and consumer retail.  The group manufactures and markets more than30 leading tool brands.  They are amulti-billion-dollar operation with over 8,000 employees.

Organization Needs:

The organization had new management that wanted to rebuild and revamp its talent development function.  As a part of this, they created new curricula, and it was important to begin measuring it not only from a quality perspective, but also for impact and results.  The organization had a limited budget and was looking for a simple solution that was easy to administer, affordable, and provided understandable reporting to guide improvement.

Why Performitiv:

Performitiv was selected because it had default evaluations aligned to measurement models used throughout the organization already, and was seen as a credible performance evaluation tool to show evidence of learning impact.  Additionally, Performitiv was not an overwhelming tool to administer and was within the limited budget the organization had for measurement.  Finally, the focus toward impact optimization appealed to the organization, as its management team believed that was the purpose of measurement and wanted data to drive this focus.    

Description of Use:

The organization began using Performitiv from the start of the delivery of their new curricula.  They are now measuring leadership training, product training and soft skills training through Performitiv.  Within the first few weeks, the organization collected hundreds of data points in a fully automated manner and quickly identified pockets of learning experiences within the leadership and new product curricula that were below desired expectations.  Using the demographic cross-tab capabilities within Performitiv, the organization quickly realized that sales/marketing professionals with 4 to 6 years of experience at the senior manager level were experiencing these programs more negatively than other demographics.  The organization was able to use this insight to begin the process of adjusting the design and delivery to make the programs more relatable, and thus, more impactful and aligned to the needs of these people.


Within a few weeks of using the standard assessments and report suite, a small team was able to pinpoint where and with whom job impact and business results were misaligned.  Armed with the data, adjustments could be made to reset expectations and realign learning with job impact and business results of a subset of the learning population that needed it.

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