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A Measurement Strategy, An Impact Map, and a Diagnostic

February 28, 2021
Feb 28, 2021 6:00 PM

Performitiv published a visual measurement strategy called The Impact Process Map.  The map identifies waste and suggests improvement opportunities using 19 measures and levers. Sets goals for things learning controls, like content, instructors and environment, as well as things it can influence, such as application, fit and business outcome indicators. The map includes business, talent and effectiveness measures.

A great way to understand the map is to diagnose your current learning measurement function against the map.  To do this just click on our Impact Process Map Diagnostic.  This tool will ask a few simple questions and immediately give you feedback on where you are aligned and where you have gaps relative to the Impact Process Map.

Rethink learning measurement.  Use the Impact Process Map to help you transform your process.

Thank you,

The Performitiv Team