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Onboarding eBook: The Ultimate Guide to Onboarding for Retention & Performance

August 15, 2023
Aug 15, 2023 1:18 PM

Onboarding is the beginning of what most hope is a long, fruitful relationship. First impressions can go a long way to ensure new hires are adequately productive and engaged. Unfortunately, about half (52%) of employees feel undertrained for their current role, and of those individuals, 80% plan to leave their employer within a year.

Most organizations lack coordination when it comes to how they measure and assess their onboarding programs. The primary lens of measurement should be the new hire. What should they be doing? How should they be feeling or behaving? What barriers do they have? What has made them successful? With the right strategy, stakeholders should be able to answer these questions while understanding what specifically they can do to improve the effectiveness and impact of onboarding.

This eBook provides a foundation for what the organization should consider, with best practices and an approach that can be customized to fit your specific onboarding model.