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What's in a Learning Measurement Strategy?

December 8, 2019
Dec 8, 2019 6:00 PM

Every good measurement strategy must start with a vision that is articulate and concise.  A solid vision for L&D measurement would be to “measure, communicate and improve learning programs and the people and business outcomes impacted by those programs.”

There are two strategic approaches for L&D measurement.  Your strategy should address both, as both are relevant.

Approach One - Everyday L&D Programs  These include various types of programs, such as compliance, sales, leadership, onboarding, and technical training.  These also include various modalities, such as digital, classroom, coaching, conferences and e-learning.  The goal is to ensure learning measurement is a practical, scalable and repeatable process, working efficiently and effectively within your organization's money, time and personnel limitations.  The process emphasizes roughly reasonable vs. perfect and precise information, and is geared toward heightened use of data in a timely manner and more constructive dialogue with business stakeholders to improve performance.  

This approach should account for 90% of your operation and efforts.

Approach Two - Periodic Events or Programs  These are very strategic, visible or costly, and a special project is created to measure the impact of the program in an in-depth manner.  This may be a first-time-through senior executive program or a highly costly sales program that has an uncertain future.  The measurement approach is a one-off, episodic effort to use more precise data of a statistical, causal nature or of an impact, ROI nature to prove the value (or lack of value) from the program on intended results.  This approach is not meant to be scalable or repeatable and will need to have a special allocation of money, time and personnel resources to do it. It must be done in very limited circumstances where both the L&D team and the business stakeholder mutually agree that the cost is worth the benefit.  

This approach should account for 10% or less of your operation and efforts.

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