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What Every Learning Leader Should Demand from Their L&D Dashboards

August 15, 2021
Aug 15, 2021 7:00 PM

In a recent Performitiv study, we found that 1 in 2 learning leaders thinks their organization does a poor job of measuring impact.

The fact is, most learning execs simply don't get the visibility they need to understand impact from their current technology vendors. How do you overcome that challenge? Consider designing a world-class L&D dashboard to give you the transparency and clarity you need.

When designing an L&D dashboard, three primary objectives should be considered to improve its overall impact. 1) Enable continuous improvement through easily identifiable successes and improvement opportunities. 2) Demonstrate value by aligning learning to measurable business outcomes. 3) Tell learning's story through visualizations of the data to improve communication and engagement with the business.

Performitiv's Chris LeBrun will be leading an August 18th webinar on this topic, titled "What Every Learning Leader Should Demand from Their L&D Dashboards." This webinar will better equip you to understand a dashboard's underlying elements of data, share recommendations with your team on how data should be presented, and identify critical measures for both continuous improvement and demonstrating value. The webinar will close out with an open discussion amongst audience members, which includes several top tier learning leaders, to provide additional insight.

Webinar details are provided below. Even if you are unable to attend, all registrants will receive the recording and materials.

Title: What Every Learning Leader Should Demand from Their L&D Dashboards

Date: Wednesday, August 18th

Time: 11:00 am CST