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Re-Imagine Learning Measurement

April 21, 2019
Apr 21, 2019 7:00 PM

Learning measurement has been around a long time.  There are really powerful methodologies to do it.  However, our technology tools have not kept pace.  At Performitiv we are re-imagining learning measurement everyday.  Here are a few ways we do this to modernize learning measurement for everyone.

First we have a fresh approach to telling the story of impact.  We deploy our Impact Optimization Model through our Impact Technology for a practical way to showcase value and link learning to business results.  The model is built around methodology-sound, scientifically-valid impact ratings coupled  business result trends being associated and annotated to learning milestones and major events.  The technology automates the data collection and reporting of impact for L&D professionals.

Second, API connections are important to allow L&D to connect to other business systems in a safe and reliable manner.  Performitiv re-imagined learning measurement by building API connections that can integrate with an LMS and other systems to minimize measurement administration without having to get the IT department involved in the process.

Third, AI is a part of re-imagining learning measurement.  Let the technology tell us where the outliers are in our data.  Let the system inform us of where there are heavy amounts of negative comments.  By doing this we can manage by exception in a data-driven way.

Fourth is cost.  In the past and still even today, measurement technologies tend to be costly.  If a technology is truly built on a modern technology stack it should be inexpensive to maintain in today's world.  That cost savings should be passed along to the client.  Performitiv re-imagined learning measurement and in doing so tends to save clients on average about 50% over their prior, current or competing technologies.  Yet Performitiv's solution is simple, powerful and informative.  Not only is significant cost saved, but time is saved too by not having to re-create reports in other tools like spreadsheets or visualization tools.

In the end, the ecosystem of learning has evolved.  Measurement has evolved too.  Performitiv re-imagined what measurement should be  - a way to practically tell the story of impact and improve performance in a simple, engaging yet cost-effective manner.  Want to learn more? Give us a call.

The Performitiv Team