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Performitiv Announces Release of Impact Optimization Model to Modernize Learning Measurement

February 2, 2019
Feb 2, 2019 6:00 PM

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SOURCE: Performitiv

CHICAGO, IL. [Feb 3 2019]

Performitiv Announces Release of Impact Optimization Model to Modernize Learning Measurement

Performitiv has deployed its Impact Optimization Model. This model is a comprehensive and practical approach to address the issues of impact, business results, ROI and optimization for learning programs.  After numerous iterations and validation by third-party experts the model is a future-forward approach to help learning professionals create an automated, repeatable process to tell their story of impact by demonstrating value while identifying improvement opportunities.

The model leverages descriptive, predictive and prescriptive data collected from multiple sources such as evaluations, surveys, verbatim, and operational / business metrics in an automated manner using the Performitiv measurement technology.  Performitiv’s proprietary Impact Rating is a blend of Net Promoter Score methodology that focuses on continuous improvement along with influences from TQM, Six Sigma and Lean combined with causal-modeled learning measurement insight that is scientifically proven to be linked to learning impact.

“The Impact Optimization Model offers breakthrough insight in modernizing learning analytics for the learning industry”, commented Kent Barnett, CEO of Performitiv.  “The industry was in desperate need of new models and tools that will help practitioners not only showcase program value but act on the data where needed and to do this as a process that is practical, scalable and repeatable”, commented Barnett.

The Performitiv Technology automates the Impact Optimization Model.  It offers a four-step process to doing this starting out by collecting valid assessment data which makes it very easy to gather and report on impact ratings and overall performance. Second, the technology’s KPI functionality will streamline and automate the gathering and reporting of business outcome data.  Third, when action is needed, the Workflow functionality allows collaboration in a visible, accountable way. Finally, reporting is simple yet actionable. Analysis is embedded to engage and empower users with creative insights to demonstrate value and improve performance.

An additional benefit to deploying the Impact Optimization Model is that it complements doing deeper statistical or impact study projects.  The Performitiv technology offers data downloads formatted for business analysts to easily acquire this data and do additional analysis when needed.

“Ultimately, following the Impact Optimization Model can generate huge returns.  Research shows that organizations can improve performance by 5% up to 15% if they deploy a continuous improvement model.  Deploying this model is a multi-million dollar opportunity when you consider the incremental changes in sales, productivity and other business drivers that are positively impacted by it,” commented Barnett.

About Performitiv

Performitiv is modern, learning measurement software. We optimize impact and improve performance of talent development programs.  Data collection is simple.  Outputs focus less on reports and more on actions to create positive impact to people, programs and results.

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