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Learn about Learning Measurement!

November 11, 2019
Nov 11, 2019 6:00 PM

Learning measurement and analytics continues to rank high on the list of priorities that future-forward learning organizations need to thrive in their talent development initiatives.  That's why Performitiv offers free, monthly webinars for you to learn about learning measurement!  Check out our lineup below for the next few months.

December 11:  Know Your L&D Measurement Reporting Audiences

We spoke to over 180 learning professionals on what they wanted to change in their L&D measurement process. One trend that appeared, was a need to have less reporting more focused on the audience the report serves.  The audiences served by L&D reporting come down to 3 audience types (excluding the data scientists that want the raw data).  These audience types are: 1) instructors/designers, 2) program managers and 3) leaders/stakeholders  This webinar will share insights about who these audiences are and what reports they need to be data-driven decision makers.

January 8:  What's in a Learning Measurement Strategy?

A learning measurement strategy should highlight the strategic vision, approach, methodology, process and tools you’ll want to implement to effectively measure learning programs and the people and results impacted by them.  Performitiv created a blueprint of a learning measurement strategy that documents the above-mentioned topics to help organizations get started in writing and implementing their own learning measurement strategy.  This webinar will provide a focused overview on these learning measurement strategy concepts that will give you the creative insights needed to write your own.

February 5:  How to Show Evidence of Learning Impact

This session will help learning professionals glean insight on practical yet valid ways to tell the story of learning impact.  It will present an approach that is based on roughly reasonable use of evaluation data and business operations data.  Collectively this information can be used to highlight value creation, identify improvements and associate learning to business outcomes.

March 4:  How to Create and Sustain a Learning Measurement Culture

A learning measurement culture includes the values, beliefs and behaviors from the top down in an L&D organization that is rooted in using learning measurement and data to drive decisions.  This webinar will discuss five critical elements learning leaders need to do to create a learning measurement culture within their team and with their stakeholders.  It will further discuss how to optimize people, process and tools to sustain and grow the culture over time.  

We hope to see you on our next webinar!

The Performitiv Team