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April 12, 2020
Apr 12, 2020 7:00 PM

In today's challenging times people need to lean on one another for support and assistance.  As a result of the current environment, Performitiv has accelerated its implementation process and adjusted its cost model to support organizations who need rapid access to learning metrics but are on limited budgets.

Additionally, we're here to help but we need your help first.  So please reach out if you would like to speak with us so we might listen to your situation and offer some guidance, if you help us learn more about your learning measurement needs we can guide you on the best approaches to help you.

Further in the spirit of your helping us so we can help you, we created a simple, easy, free assessment tool.    Please complete this quick learning measurement diagnostic to receive immediate feedback on how your current process aligns to best practices.  It will help you help us understand your measurement gaps and we can pinpoint where we can guide you the most.   Click the following link to complete this survey:

Once more, please stay safe and be well.
Take care and thank you for reading our message.

The Performitiv Team