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Learning Measurement Insights are a Workshop Away

November 17, 2019
Nov 17, 2019 6:00 PM

The research shows that learning measurement is a priority for learning leaders.  Further, having capabilities and tools on staff to address learning measurement in a practical and repeatable way is critical to showing evidence of impact and building a process of continuous improvement.

To this end, if your team wants to spark creative insights about learning measurement, consider Performitiv's learning measurement workshop.  The workshop covers the following topics:

Data Collection

— Understand how to fuse learning measurement methodology with performance improvement methodology.

— Review sample assessments to understand how to create simpler, impact-oriented instruments.

— Determine how to edit questions to make them more human and fun.

— Discuss how to create and use business and activity metrics to associate and correlate to learning over time.

Reviewing Reports

— Map audience types to report various impact ratings.

— Learn how to build less reports with more insights.

— Understand how to review tactical data for improvements.

— Understand how to do exploratory analysis to find evidence of impact.

— Understand how to build a scorecard to convey impact and value.

— Discuss methods to more effectively review verbatim/comments.

— Review how to incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) to support analysis.

Data Action

— Learn how to change the narrative of executive conversations to be more collaborative vs. controversial.

— Understand how to develop and use action plans to improve performance.

— Review the importance of workflow automation to create accountability.

If your team would like to schedule a Learning Measurement Workshop please contact us.

The Performitiv Team