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ClientLoyalty Launches Assessment Center for Supplier Risk and Performance Management

September 6, 2016
Sep 6, 2016 7:00 PM

CHICAGO, Sept. 7, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --ClientLoyalty, a supplier performance management software company, has rolled out its Assessment Center built for managing supplier relationships. The Assessment Center has a library of assessments including risk, performance, reputation, voice of supplier and voice of customer.Unlike other assessments, these assessments automatically feed the overall supplier scores in the supplier scorecard system. The supplier scores are comprised of performance scores created when operational key performance indicators are imported or input, risk scores when risk ratings are input or assessed within the system, experience scores when feedback from the buyer and supplier teams are collected and sentiment scores when news and social sentiment on suppliers is gathered via system algorithms."The Assessment Center is a great addition to our software and libraries of assessments are a nice complement to our KPI libraries to help vendor managers get started in implementing smarter supplier management with minimal change and immediate value," commented Kent Barnett, CEO of ClientLoyalty.Of notable mention are the risk assessments. Unlike traditional risk assessments that focus on financial or security risk, these assessments go further with a series of relationship risks that need to be monitored in the ongoing work between the buyer and supplier. Multiple risks within personnel, process, technology, culture, externalities and measurement are available in the standard assessments.ClientLoyalty's cloud-based supplier scorecard system can integrate with procurement, contract and risk systems and centralizes the data being collected through spreadsheets and generic survey tools. ClientLoyalty is easy to use, easy to share and affordable at $99/user/month for unlimited data collection and a range of enterprise-level reporting tools while providing built-in continuous improvement features such as action plans and benchmarks that empower positive change.About ClientLoyaltyClientLoyalty is a supplier performance management software company. ClientLoyalty's supplier scorecard system automates and centralizes the collection, scoring and reporting of operational metrics, 360 feedback, risk ratings and social sentiment to benchmark, share and continuously improve supplier performance in a user-friendly, flexible and affordable manner.www.clientloyalty.comMedia Contact:Jeffrey BerkEmail1 872 225 0075SOURCE ClientLoyalty

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